One Million Kilometres with Qantas

Capt Princehorn and I discuss my one million km and the A380 in his cockpit

This week, a beautiful Melbourne, Australia to Singapore A380 flight tipped me over one million kilometres flown with Qantas.

This is about a third of my total flying. No other airline comes close to the volume of business that I have given Qantas.

Qantas have taken me on 421 flights around Australia and the world from as far south as Queenstown at the bottom of New Zealand to their most northern port of London.  New York, Southern Africa, Dubai and Hong Kong all feature in there.

Altogether I have spent almost fifty seven days inside a Qantas liveried aircraft! By comparison, United, American,Virgin Australia and Cathay Pacific take runner up positions in my kilometres flown but combined they are still less than my Qantas miles!

Which airline has gotten your greatest loyalty and how many kilometres/miles are you up to with them?

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  1. Thanks for posting !

    In the past 18 years:

    492’343 km with Lufthansa
    1’252’119 km with Swiss and still going strong !


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