Air India calls for nationalistic onboard announcements

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Source: Air India

As the current Indian-Pakistan tension heats up and with an election looming, India’s national airline has told its crew to conclude every in-flight announcement with the patriotic phrase, “Jai Hind” (Hail the motherland).

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This does not inspire me to fly Air India. I am sorry I don’t want to hear “God bless America”, or “Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi”, or “Rule Britannia or, “Isten, áldd meg a magyart! (“God bless the Hungarians!”) or “Vive la France”, or “Chi Chi Chi!, Le Le Le! Go Chile!” or any other nationalistic sentiment when I fly. It is uncomfortable for staff and unwelcoming for other nationalities.

Air India needs to stick to its knitting and fix its major problems. Air India owes $US5 billion and has been for sale for almost a year with no bidders.

More globally, I would like India and Pakistan to find a way to stop this tit for tat violence which sees military personnel and citizens bombed, shot at and threatened over nationalistic and religious sloganeering. Let us not forget these two countries have nuclear capability. It is almost the third decade of the 21st Century, humanity should have started to learn that war is not the answer in the face of climate change, poverty and inequality. Lets hear a slogan of “United humanity for the future” or something.




  1. I am not sure why are you calling it tit for tat violence. Pakistan did terrorist attack on India and India retaliated. I believe any other responsible and proud nation would have done the same.
    About Air India, It is up to an organization what they want their employees to say, if you do not like it, do not travel with them. Its that simple. I am not sure what’s the point here of this post.

  2. Buddy please go and read about India & Pakistan problem first and do me a favor and don’t read New York Times for news. Until then Air India also does not want you to fly in their planes if you have problem with ‘Jai Hind’ you are welcome to take other airlines.

  3. Did not understand why did you delete my earlier comment? I will definitely report this to boarding area moderator.

  4. Hi Rukmi
    I have not deleted any of your comments. You posted one earlier and this is your second. I have done a quick scan of the automatic spam filter and it is not there. If a comment is not showing, perhaps you did not press the “post” button? I am not sure what the moderators will do with your complaint. We do have every right to delete any comment on the blogs. I try and avoid deleting comments but exercise the right to do so, if needed. Just because you say something does not mean it will be accepted. I think you can understand that. Hope you have a good day and happy traveling.

  5. Thank you for your opinion. I read a wide variety of news sources and have a keen interest in India, Pakistan and Kashmir. I desperately want to see peace there. The decades of violence do not help anybody and as I said in my article, put the globe at risk of it becoming a nuclear flashpoint.
    I sure hope Air India does not reject passengers who hold different opinions. That would be economic suicide.

  6. Hi Sachin- the process you describe of one country retaliating against the actions of another is what we mean by tit for tat. It has been going on in Kashmir for decades, undermines the region, makes life difficult for ordinary Kashmiris and has the potential to spiral into nuclear war.
    I know an airline can make their staff say anything but my original point that nationalistic slogans do not belong in the air stands.
    Personally, if I was running a loss making airline, I would be finding ways to make it easy and attractive for as many passengers to fly with me.
    The fact you responded, showed there was a clear point to the post. Have a good day.

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