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Jet Airways suspended- not coming back

On my list of airlines in trouble, Jet was near the top. People hoped that they would find a rescuer. I was more pessimistic. Jet suspended all operations this week after 25 years of operations after teetering on the brink of collapse for almost six months. After the State Bank of India, on behalf of the consortium of refused to offer a  cash lifeline, the airline announced its flights were grounded. At the last count, only seven of their planes were still in the air, anyway. The rest were being held by creditors at ports…

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Air India calls for nationalistic onboard announcements

As the current Indian-Pakistan tension heats up and with an election looming, India’s national airline has told its crew to conclude every in-flight announcement with the patriotic phrase, “Jai Hind” (Hail the motherland). This does not inspire me to fly Air India. I am sorry I don’t want to hear “God bless America”, or “Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi”, or “Rule Britannia or, “Isten, áldd meg a magyart! (“God bless the Hungarians!”) or “Vive la France”, or “Chi Chi Chi!, Le Le Le! Go Chile!” or any other nationalistic sentiment when I fly. It…

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Spicejet’s Non -Airborne Happy Holi Celebrations

I love Festivals and cultural events around the world. Today is Purim in the Jewish calendar, Maundy Thursday in the Christian one and for Hindus, it is Holi. Holi is known as the festival of colours or the festival of love and believed to signify the victory of good over evil. Those who celebrate do so by throwing brightly coloured, perfumed powders, and coloured waters at everyone! The Festival has given birth to The Colour Run which is billed as “the Happiest 5k on the Planet”,with 300+ events in 50+ countries. Last year, Spicejet organised a…

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787 Air India door failure

Much reporting but no details about the non closing cargo door of Air India’s second Boeing 787 delivered last month. Registration:  VTADN.  The reports are saying that the front cargo door ‘disintegrated’. The airline is saying nothing hit the plane. They are waiting for a spare to arrive.  Boeing, of course, is investigating the matter. There were some suggestions that because the plane is made of composites, this was the issue.

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Air India 787 kicks off SC plant

This week, the first Boeing plane made outside the state of Washington since World War II*  rolled off Boeing’s new assembly line in  Charleston, South Carolina for delivery to Air India. Another three 787s will be built at the plant this year – all for delivery to Air India. Boeing, are aiming to build 10 787s per month by the end of 2013, with three produced each month in South Carolina. The current 787 production rate is  3.5 per month so they have a little way to go. Everett also will be focussing on the rollout of the 737NEO.…

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Kingfisher highlights Indian air woes

The Indian air market is estimated to be the ninth largest in the world but with the population size the country has, the Indian government believes it will  become the world’s third largest market by 202o. 87 foreign and five Indian airlines fly to and from India to 40 countries. Approximately five million Indians fly every month domestically. Domestic traffic more than doubled between Jul-2006 and July 2011, with growth of 101%. One reason for the growth was the deregulation of Indian domestic aviation in 2003- 2004 followed by international deregulation in 2007-2008 Today, India’s airlines have some of the youngest fleets in the world…

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