Why can’t they virus test before flight ?

Many of us  are nervous to travel because we are not sure if we could be exposed to COVID19, the new Corona virus at airprots, in aeroplamnes or tranis tstauons.

IMG_8842 (1)

Why can’t governments insist that all passengers  traveling across international frontiers  must be screened before boarding? If all passengers had to get a clean bill of health two days before flying, this would reduce fear and slow the spread of the disease from country to country.

Medical staff wearing protective gear  are testing thousands for Corona virus , at  hospitals, clinics and “drive-through” virus test facilities across the world. A future  flier could go for the test 48 hours before flying intentionally. Any0ne checking in would need a certificate of clearance.

Sure some people would slip through the net but it would allow commerce, travel and business to continue with some increased factor of safety.  Of course, some countries are without adequate testing regimes would struggle and some countries do not provide universal health care but it seems worth a  though to me.




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