Teddy Bears Make Lockdowns Bearable

Parents across the world are relishing the moments when the family are allowed to go outside their homes for exercise.


Goldie and Goldie were given to me by Grandmother (left)and sister. Both now deceased so bears are very special


The Goldies watch over Bangkok- see story below

To cheer kids up in this grim and unsettling time  people across the world have been putting their teddy bears in windows for kids to spot. Bears have also appeared on porches and in trees. The concept comes from the children’s book “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” written by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. The motto of the book s “We’re not scared” – which is relevant for so many right now.

The reality is that heaps of adults have got excited by the whole thing. Here are just some bears spotted around the globe:

Image may contain: house, grass, tree and outdoor


Image may contain: shoes and outdoor

A picnic in Australia

Image may contain: plant and outdoor

A giant bear in Australia

No photo description available.

Bear and friend.

These people in NZ took it seriously

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Unity Lantern, California

Here are some links to more hunts:

Are you participating by putting your bears out or are you a bear spotter. Tell me more! My bears Goldie and Goldie are up the top of this post.

NB The pictures I have used have come from the net and Facebook groups. Most are anonymous. If you want me to acknowledge a picture, let me know.

This is all I am doing for April 1 this year. It does not seem to be a time to be that funny.

Stay sane.

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