Where are you? I want to hear from you!

I am safe at home and finishing my quarantine in two days. At that time, I will be then be able to remain at home under lock-down! This tantalizing view from my bathroom shows me the (quieter) world outside.

a bathroom with a glass shower door and a window

I am curious to know where other people are and what they are doing?

Are you stuck somewhere and cannot get home because you have no money or access to travel options?

Are you in self isolation or quarantine having come back to your home county?

Have you had to cancel your travel plans and are now roaming around the house or apartment?

Are you staring a travel maps and dreaming of adventures or resigned to not going anywhere for a long time.

I would like to hear your stories. Let us know in the comments section.

Stay safe.

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  1. Hola from Mexico!
    I arrived in Mexico In November 2019 on my honeymoon. I planned to go home in June or July at the time.
    When I called about wanting to come home around may 2020, myGov staff presumed I went travelling after the virus was announced. They were rude and asked why I left the country during a pandemic (which I didn’t).

    The training of these staff could be better.

    I feel Fortunate my family is healthy & I have their support.

    The government on the other hand, have been, mostly unhelpful and lacking flexible thinking, as to individual stories and needs. Some people are married, working, have business abroad. It seem weird to be treated like a villain by the government for people carrying about their lives legally.

    I also get annoyed at the wasted funds the government distributes. I’ve noticed a lot of paper pushing, myGov and immigration Twitter accounts that don’t really achieve anything in the way of needed Information or answers to people who are stranded.

    So much tax money is wasted on dead end ideas. Most of these Twitter accounts circulate useless information and I’ve noticed, no one comments or try’s to get help this way.
    Information from the government while I’ve been in this situation is beyond pathetic.
    I got an email about a grant that need to be payed back, which didn’t interest me, because they wanted to see plane tickets that got cancelled (which I didn’t have) because I didn’t book tickets because I was warned they would be cancelled.
    So much dumbness.. and a waste of tax payers dollars at the same time


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