Walking 116 miles across Bangkok for MS


Queen Sirikit Park- rarely visited by tourists in normal times..and now…quiet

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease where the body’s own immune system eats away at the protective covering of nerves. This results in many different symptoms, including vertigo vision loss, pain, fatigue and impaired coordination. We still do not fully know how it starts, and how we can halt its destructive progress.

Inspired by colleagues with MS, I have, every year, run or walked across multiple world cities to raise funds for research.

Ratchadaphisek Road opened in 1976

This year, I chose to walk and/or run 100 miles (160km) through May in my 2020 home of Bangkok, Thailand. As you can  see from the headline I exceeded that goal.

What made this year most challenging is that Bangkok is hot, hot, hot in May. The average temperature has been 35 degrees celsius (95F) with a large number of the days sitting over (98.6F), Humidity levels around 70%.

Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 11.16.26


There was also the impact of COVID19 to consider. Thailand authorities allowed greater freedom in May as a result of the successful reduction down but it also meant wearing a mask everywhere! No one can complain to me about wearing a mask now. I simply won’t listen!

Cafe Stop


On the plus side, I got to see more of Bangkok than many locals have seen! Walking through a city is a great way to  discover life, architecture, waterways and people- even in COVID19 times.

LadPrao Temple- stunning temple never visited by outsiders

If you are able to support this effort to raise funds, hop on board with me. Thank you to my sponsors. https://www.themay50k.org/fundraisers/martincowling


Making friends along the way

Canal Scene

Communities on Lad Prao Canal

Temple on Lad Prao Canal

Phaya Thai Palace


Elephant made of scrap

Water Monitor in Chatachuk Park


Food Pantry for those needing food

Abandoned House


New Yellow Metro Line under construction

New Red Metro line-opening in January

Street Art

What model car is this?

Shop art

I crossed multiple rail lines

Double track line between downtown Bangkok and new Central Railway station at Bang Sue

Canal to myself

Victory Monument

Streetside Postbox

Modern Bangkok

Street Art

Street scene






Sunset in Phayah Thai


  1. In my experienced Bangkok is very busy and noisy city but your travelled time would be the best because it looks peace and silence.

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