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Tracking the 787

If you want to know where a Boeing 787  is at any moment, Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner Flight Tracker  follows every 787 that is in the skies at any point of time. The tool uses  Flight Aware to display  information on  a Google Earth background. If you have not used Google earth before, you will have to download some software, the first time. It is a fascinating distraction. Now I want one for Airbus 380s and 747s!   Related Posts Where you will find the 787 787 takes to the sky -Who, Where and Why  

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787 landing Washington DC

A sight I would have loved to see close up…. a Boeing 787 landed recently at Washington DC National Airport (known as Reagan National since 1998).  This airport (Code = DCA) is the nearest to the capitol. On May 7,  as part of its world dream tour, the third Boeing 787 ever manufactured  (Serial number ZA003) made a very short flight from Washington’s other main airport: Dulles International to DCA. The 787 uses composite materials and  its main features include larger windows than on any other plane, a four-panel windshield, better air circulation, improved lighting and humidity and much larger…

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787 drawn across USA

I love this. Randy Tinseth, vice president, marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes in Seattle shared in his blog that a 787-8 with GE engines,  on an  18 hour 9,000 nautical miles Maximum ETOPS (Extended Operations) Duration flight test managed with its flight path to effectively draw the numbers 787 and then the Boeing Logo! Here is what it looked like.  Related Posts See 787 handed over to ANA – LIVE

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