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INSIDE the Aeromexico 2431 Crash

Like many passengers, I sometimes film the take off or landing whilst en route. Some of my films are interesting and some are not. The video below is definitely very interesting as it captures the failed take off of Aeroméxico Connect Flight 2431 which crashed on Tuesday July 31, 2018 during takeoff from Durango International Airport. The Embraer 190 was bound for Mexico City, 765 kilometres (475 miles) away. Whilst accelerating in stormy weather, the aircraft apparently became airborne briefly and then veered off the runway after being hit “by a gust of wind”. The left wing…

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Drone’s eye view of an airport

Despite flying to or from 213 airports across the globe, Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México).is not one of them. This amazing “bird’s eye” video is the closest I have got to that airport so far! I have really been enjoying the three and a bit minutes of stunning visual coverage of the airport, its runways and planes. We are assured that the “video was created with the permission and supervision of the Mexico City International Airport authorities”. They also state that the “drone operators were in close contact with…

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Aeromexico debuts 787

It is now two years since the first 787 was delievered to ANA. Now, carrier number 14 has their turn. AeroMéxico (airline code AM), the flag carrier of Mexico received their first Boeing 787 on August 16, 2013. It was the 75th Boeing 787 delivered by the company to an airline. Their 787 will initially serve Mexican domestic destinations including Cancun and Monterrey. On October 14th Mexico City to Tokyo, Japan service will commence. That will mean by the end of the year, four airlines will be flying 787s to and from Tokyo (United, ANA,…

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Aeromexico Air Strike incident

Controllers at Madrid airport are scathing about an AeroMéxico incident in April. A Boeing 767-200 (registration XA-TOJ) performing flight AM-2 from Madrid to Mexico City scraped its tail along the runway for four seconds as it took off at 14:58h (258pm). The craft left two pieces of metal behind on the runway. This metal punctured the tyres of an Air Europa plane as it took off at 15.29hrs (329pm) bound for Caracas, Venezuela. That flight  returned to Madrid (after burning fuel for four hours).  That  aircraft sustained no damage, apart from tyre damage on the…

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