INSIDE the Aeromexico 2431 Crash

Like many passengers, I sometimes film the take off or landing whilst en route. Some of my films are interesting and some are not. The video below is definitely very interesting as it captures the failed take off of Aeroméxico Connect Flight 2431 which crashed on Tuesday July 31, 2018 during takeoff from Durango International Airport.

The Embraer 190 was bound for Mexico City, 765 kilometres (475 miles) away. Whilst accelerating in stormy weather, the aircraft apparently became airborne briefly and then veered off the runway after being hit “by a gust of wind”. The left wing hit the ground on the left of the runway. Both engines broke away during the subsequent ground slide. The aircraft came to rest about 380 metres past the runway threshold and 320 metres past the paved end of the runway and ended up in a field 460 metres  (1,500 feet) beyond the end of the runway. It then caught fire which engulfed and destroyed it.

Of the four crew and 99 passengers on board, 85 reported injuries, mostly minor. 49 went to hospital. Two of those injured had more serious injuries, one of whom was the pilot  who had surgery on the spine. The other serious injury, was an eight year old girl who had first and second degree burns to about 25% of the body.

This video should not be watched if you fear flying:

The Embraer 190 is a narrow-body medium-range twin-engine jet plane. There are 549 flying with airlines across the globe including JetBlue in the USA, Tianjin Airlines in China and the Netherland’s, KLM Cityhopper.  According to Aviation Safety Network, seven E190s have been destroyed or written off since 2007. Five of those accidents had no fatalities and two saw a total of 77 deaths.

This particular model registration XA-GAL was 10.3 years old and was first delivered to former  US Airways. 2009. It had been with Aeroméxico Connect since 2014.

No cause has been determined but the flight data recorders have been recovered. It is usually some months before authorities report on a plane accident. There has been some speculation that the plane encountered wind shear.

Aeromexcio is one of the oldest airlines in the world, flying since 1934. Their fleet of 133 includes 72 at the mainline carrier and 61 at its Aeromexico Connect regional subsidiary and they connect 89 destinations. They are rated as a three star airline by Skyteam with passengers giving them a 50% rating. Airline ratings currently gives Aeromexico 7/7 for safety.

Delta Air Lines owns 33% of Aeromexico and has options to buy up to 49%. The two airlines have a joint cooperation agreement (JCA) aimed at integrating schedules and service across the two networks.

I have never flown Aeromexcio. This incident has not dissuaded me. Full marks to crew and passengers for executing a rapid escape from the downed aircraft.


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  1. Was a passenger on flight 2431 in durango when it crashed on 9 20 22. A passenger by the name of John Brooks

  2. Was a John Brooks a passenger on flight 2431 when it crashed in Durango.Mexico on 9 20 22

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