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Mid Air Emergency- Air Asia Pilot asks for Prayer – Not Good Enough

This week’s weird moment has to be on Air Asia D7 237 which developed engine trouble 90 minutes out of Australia’s Perth International airport. Prayer is a feature if most human religions. In many an emergency, some non-believers have suddenly discovered a higher being and prayed for rescue, or salvation. While the plane began shaking violently,  the pilot specifically asked passengers to pray twice. I believe in the power of prayer but this seems to be the oddest way of reassuring passengers. Compare this to the calm Pilot on Qantas 32 in 2010, when his Airbus 380 shredded one of…

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Air Asia-My Worst Flight of 2016: an uncomfortable journey in a crammed, cramped aircraft with unwelcoming staff.

JHB: Johor, Malaysia to DMK, Bangkok AK 1807 Departure: 19:25 Arrival: 20:42  Distance: 1,399 km -869 miles 755 nautical miles  I know it is not yet the end of the year yet but my award for the worst flight, out of 107 so far for the year goes to Air Asia Malaysia. I rate each flight I take for every factor from Booking to Check-in right through to deplaning and keep a tally of my rating using  The scores averaged out gives me the ranking of flights, airlines and airports. I have never been a fan of discount carrier AirAsia but they were…

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Trip Report: Air Asia -four times!

I have not had a good run with Air Asia and have placed them in my bottom ten airlines for the last three years. I was challenged last year by a number of Air Asia supporters so I have been determined to give them a good testing. This month, I flew two flights with Air Asia and two flights with Air Asia X, their international arm.   Booking: 7 out of 10 Air Asia has an attractive website that is easy to navigate. The site even has a clear guide on how to book online.…

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No kids On Board!

We are getting used to paying for more leg room. Now Scoot (the Singapore based discount off shoot of Singapore Airlines) are offering more leg room with no children. For an extra fee, you can choose one of  41 seats in a special “Scoot in silence” cabin that bans children under 12. The cabin is located behind Business Class. Scoot started flying in 2012. They have five Boeing 777s which fly to eleven destinations through Asia and Australia. They are going to receive 20 Boeing 787s which were ordered by Singapore airlines. Skytrax have not rated Scoot yet but…

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Branson’s flight a drag

In 2010, Virgin Atlantic  Sir Richard Branson made a bet with Air Asia owner Tony Fernandes over who’s Formula 1 Racing team would finish higher in the 2010 season. Whoever’s team won would have to serve as a flight attendant on one of the other airline’s flights. Fernandes won. Branson will fly dressed as a flight attendant on Air Asia’s Perth to Kuala Lumpur flight next Sunday May 12th. He will carry out all of the responsibilities of a flight attendant  on the six-hour flight. Fernandes who worked for Branson at Virgin in the 1980s said: “who would have thought my mentor will…

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