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Mid Air Emergency- Air Asia Pilot asks for Prayer – Not Good Enough

This week’s weird moment has to be on Air Asia D7 237 which developed engine trouble 90 minutes out of Australia’s Perth International airport. Prayer is a feature if most human religions. In many an emergency, some non-believers have suddenly discovered a higher being and prayed for rescue, or salvation. While the plane began shaking violently,  the pilot specifically asked passengers to pray twice. I believe in the power of prayer but this seems to be the oddest way of reassuring passengers. Compare this to the calm Pilot on Qantas 32 in 2010, when his Airbus 380 shredded one of…

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I’ve Visited Airports starting with 23 letters of alphabet

As air travellers are aware, airports are marked by a three digit code managed by IATA. This system allows for 17,576 airport codes with all the combinations. Apparently there are 43,982 airports in the world so many apparently do not have commercial service! Some of these three digit codes are “logical” eg SYD for SYDNEY, SEA for Seattle and EDI for Edinburgh. Some are less so EZE for the Buenos Aires suburb that the airport is located in. Toronto Pearson, Canada  is YYZ for historical reasons and IAD is Washington-Dulles. I was struck by a post on Boardingarea site:  Pointswithacrew about…

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Australia to Singapore Scoot 2 for 1 Sale

For two days only. Scoot is offering a very cheap way to get to Singapore from Gold Coast,  Perth and Sydney. Flight dates: from today until 30th November.  The first passenger pays fare and taxes and the second passenger only pays taxes. The offer does not apply to their Business Class fares. In addition, the airline is also taking 15 per cent off the price off Super & Stretch seats which give you 35″ of leg room. I found good availability looking through October and November. The cheapest price I found from Sydney to Singapore was AUD 646.95 return for two ($US602). Thats…

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MH370 “Pings” detected?

Reports are coming in that a Chinese patrol ship Haixun have detected electronic “pings” which could be coming from the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines MH370. The pings are coming in from the 217 559 square kilometre (84,000 square mile) area the Boeing 777 is believed to be lost in. At a press conference Sunday morning in Perth, Australia, Air Chief Marshal “Angus” Houston, who was appointed to lead the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, outlined the facts and realities of the situation as captured in the conference transcript. Related Posts 3 weeks 3 questions unanswered MH370 ended in…

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Trip Report: Train to Toodyay

Everytime I said I was taking the train to Toodyay (Too-Jay) a rural town outside of Perth, Australia, people looked at me incredulously! “There is no train to Toodyay” was the usual comment. People offerred to drive me there and told me to call them if I “got stuck” There have been trains to Toodyay since 1995 using the currrent Diesel Multiple Unit train since 2005. See AvonLink_Map.  The train runs once a day in each direction plus there is an extra service on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday in each direction. There is no weekend service using Avonlink…

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