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An Empty Qantas Bangkok to Sydney

  This has happened four times in 991 flights -a plane so empty, l score four seats in Economy to myself allowing me a stretch and a good sleep Not sure where the passengers were? Normally this is a very full flight. Scared off by the troubles in Thailand? Flying Jetstar, Emirates or Air Asia instead? Check in: 7 out of 10 After a frustrating time trying to do this on my phone, I gave up and waited until I had laptop access. This has got to be made possible using the Qantas mobile site…

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My “Scoot” to Singapore!

Singapore airline launched Scoot in 2011 as a low cost carrier. I think their intention is to position Scoot between ultra low cost Tiger and regional subsidiary Silk Air. Late last year, Scoot announced an arrangement with Thailand’s Nok air to extend the brand from Thailand so I think Scoot is here to stay for a while. Scoot has gone with a vibrant youth focused vibe. It feels somewhat more “hip” than its parent. For example, they refer to “cuddly” passengers who they encourage to buy two seats. Booking: 10 out of 10 Their booking engine (, available in Cantonese,  English,…

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Qatar 5 star: Hanoi to Bangkok

Qatar have been my favourite airline for over a year now. Based in the Middle Eastern kingdom of the same name, the airline has been growing aggressively adding destinations, planes and crew at a rapid pace. Along the way, they seem to have maintained their quality. The airline, has in more recent years become profitable. Last year, they joined the One World network and this week announced they were forming a Saudi Arabian subsidiary: Al Maha. Skytrax list Qatar as one of the few five star airlines in the world, along with Asiana, ANA, Cathay…

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