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Toomey Quits & Jet Airways expands

  Anyone know why Jet Airways chief executive officer Gary Toomey announced his immediate departure from the airline last week after four months? Jet Airways announced on January 16; “Gary Kenneth Toomey, chief executive of the company has resigned with immediate effect…Ravishankar Gopalakrishnan, the chief financial officer of the airline, will officiate as the “acting chief executive officer” till the board appoints a new chief“. Mr Toomey said: “I have enjoyed my time at Jet Airways working with the Chairman, the management team and the wonderful staff. I am confident that the Company will be successful in…

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The 28 airlines I have flown- that have gone

I was shocked to discover that of the 82 airlines I have flown, 28 are no longer in business! Who are they and what happened? Air Australia (2012) undercapitalised and badly planned, meant this carrier flew for only 3 months Aloha Airlines (2008) September 11, a contracting Japanese economy, intense competition between four airlines across Hawaii all impacted on Aloha Ansett (2001) I flew this airline 50 times before their Air New Zealand owners shut them down Australian Airlines (1993 and 2006) merged into Qantas, revived as a leisure brand and then scrapped in favour of…

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