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More guns at US airports

Most of the Western world knows that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for safety and security at US airports. TSA agents are visible as the screeners at the airport security points. We know them as the folks who sometimes yell at us or sometimes cajole us us to take our belts and shoes off. They xray carry-on luggage and will sometimes hand-search it for contents in the bag itself and in any hidden pockets and false walls. They are responsible for confiscating any dangerous goods including knives and guns. The number of guns…

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2012 Airport Top Twenty

Having been to 203 airports now, I have a fair idea of what I want in a good airport. I want first of all an airport that is easy to get around with good signposting. Short lines come next. Being well connected to public transit is more important than parking for me. I do like the car rental outlets located close by and not a shuttle bus away. Talking of shuttle buses, I hate being bussed to and from a plane, so give me enough gates please. Clean well maintained airports get my attention and I do…

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