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Don’t eat near a tourist site!

I have three rules for eating when travelling: 1. Never eat in a tourist zone. They always have a higher price tag and lower quality than they should or could! Up a tall building, opposite a touristy square, next to a landmark, then expect to hand over the moolah! 2. I use yelp and/or tripadvisor to find nice places that the locals hang out in 3. Check if the restaurant actually has some locals eating there! I am amazed how often I have found amazing food in places just metres away from the tourists! At a third…

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MH 370 Update -report due next week

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 vanished on March 8 with 239 people on board. This week, material was found on Australian beach that some thought may have been from the plane.  Investigators have concluded it was not connected. Bluefin-21, the robotic vehicle has now searched more than 80 per cent of the underwater search zone for Flight MH370 and nothing of any interest have been found. In the same week, sources suggested that the plane may have landed after all. This news fuelled the on going speculation over the plane’s fate. There are more conspiracy theories about what happened…

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MH 370 Map: Two Possible Routes

There are a few maps showing possible flight paths for Malaysia Airlines MH370. This CNN map shows the extent of the search area. One flight path suggests the plane headed toward the Bay of Bengal off the coast of India, and the other had the 777 flying southeast over the Indian Ocean. Related Posts MH370 tampered with Flying one week after MH370  

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