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Brunei Launches Genocide Program

Royal Brunei Airlines’ advertising campaign asks “how far will you go”. When launched, one wonders if their advertising agency realised how far the country of Brunei would go to create their own vision of moral purity? Brunei, a tiny nation which abuts Malaysia. this week quietly unveiled a law designed to wipe homosexuals from the country.  In a world where many countries are better supporting the human rights of all of their citizens, Brunei is taking a proud step backwards ignoring scientific knowledge, UN conventions and international human rights laws. From 3rd of April, 2019,…

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Remembrance Day Ponderings

November 11 is Remembrance Day across most of the previous British Commonwealth countries and  Vetrans Day in the USA. Wherever you are,  may all those who served in war be acknowledged today. My Grandfather was injured twice in World War One. .He enlisted in 1916 at the age of 22 and was sent to Europe. Shells and shrapnel caem close to narrowly taking him from us. So many of his friends were lost, however. Some lost as a result of the very shell that my grandpa survived. Were my late Grandfather ear efforts successful? I would dearly love for him to know he made a difference.…

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