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Place Review: Phuket

There are a few destinations in the world that immediately spell party. These include: Bali, Ibiza, Miami and Porto Heli (Greece). The list also needs to include the small southern Thai island of Phuket which is invaded by 14 million tourists  every year.  They come to get massaged, swim, snorkel, eat, drink and dance. Many do not know why they go to Phuket, just lured by its reputation as a fun place. I first came to Phuket just after the 2004 Tsunami had ripped through. It did not capture my heart! I came back this week to…

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Where you will find McDonalds?

McDoanalds 34 000 stores have now penetrated much of the world but apparently there are still 105 countries where you won’t find them including Iceland- closed because of the Financial crisis there– they reopened as Metro Bolivia- closed because it is claimed Bolivians did not warm to the arches McDonalds for me is a place where I can find a clean toilet or in many places, free wifi! If you are wondering where you will find them globally, this is a handy map! (I claim no accuracy!). You can check with the company for more…

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