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“Flyadeal” to Fly – Saudia’s new Airline marks shakeup in Kingdom’s air carriers

What do you think of the name “Flyadeal”? Flyadeal is the name of a new budget airline that will launch in Saudi Arabia in mid 2017. Owned by the country’s flag carrier Saudia, the new airline will fly both domestic and international routes from a hub in Jeddah using Airbus A320s. Saudia are saying they want to take advantage of rising tourist numbers in the Kingdom. The carrier certainly puts its pricing intention up front!  Saleh Al-Jasser, Saudia’s director general was reported to say:  “The new airline aims to deliver value for money to cost-conscious customers.…

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Standing Room Section for Planes? Will it fly?

A paper published this week concludes that a cabin dedicated to standing only passengers “has a potential to be applied by low-cost airlines servicing short-haul flight markets.” Sounds like just the recipe for Ryanair, Spirit Airlines and Air Asia! It brings a whole new meaning to the term “cattle class“! F. I. Romli et al in the International Journal of Engineering and Technology, suggest that by installing a “standing seat“, airlines could fit 21 per cent more passengers into a cabin. The distance between seats could be reduced from the usual 30″ to a mere 23″. By removing…

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