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Good Bye Hong Kong Airlines. Facing curtains, they shaft their passengers

This post is both a farewell to Hong Kong Airlines personally and an acknowledgment that they are most certainly finally finished as an air carrier. I have used Hong Kong Airlines a few times now to zip around Asia and have  loved them. As my reviews have previously noted, their service has been top notch. They also give/gave good points earning options for my Virgin Australia Velocity frequent flyer program.  My enthusiasm for them has been tempered by my concern over their precarious financial situation and concerns that every flight with them might be my last! …

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HK Airlines Trip Report -good airline -lousy Business?

  There is an old adage about Australian airline Ansett before it collapsed that it was “a great airline, but a poor business”. Virgin America, Kingfisher, Malev and Transaero have all been similar examples which have all finished up providing good and/or innovative service but which did not last financially.  In 2019, Hong Kong Airlines airlines has the same feel. My flights with them were highly enjoyable but the carrier, part of the cash strapped HNA group is rumored to be on the brink of closure.  The HK government drew up contingency plans in case HK…

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Goodbye -The airlines that vanished in 2018

You know the scene, as you have seen it on the news programs. Passengers milling around desks in airports whilst a news commentator drones on about the number of planes grounded. Usually, the news does not affect you unless you are flying or when you might be an employee or family member of an employee. This scene repeated itself about fifty times around the world in 2018. Some of these airline collapses were with a bang and some with a whimper. A number of carriers were merely folded into their parent company or another subsidiary.…

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