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WOW no longer wowing

After 7 years, of which six were characterized by rapid growth and the last year by a rapid demise, Wow is no more.The airline that put Iceland on the map could not keep itself on the map. (ad in happier days for the launch of WOW flights to Delhi. The route lasted just four weeks before being axed in January. It was meant to save the company!). The demise is not a surprise. In November last year, Wow had to return four planes (two A320 and two A330) because the airline could not afford  them.…

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Goodbye -The airlines that vanished in 2018

You know the scene, as you have seen it on the news programs. Passengers milling around desks in airports whilst a news commentator drones on about the number of planes grounded. Usually, the news does not affect you unless you are flying or when you might be an employee or family member of an employee. This scene repeated itself about fifty times around the world in 2018. Some of these airline collapses were with a bang and some with a whimper. A number of carriers were merely folded into their parent company or another subsidiary.…

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Air Malta, CityJet, LEVEL, Qantas , Wizz CEO and WOW win 2018 Excellence Awards

The CAPA – Centre for Aviation was launched in 1990, to build aviation knowledge. I find them a great go to site for good deep air research. Since 2003, their annual Awards for Excellence  have been intended to showcase success and industry leadership. Their 2018 winners were announced this week in Berlin at the 2018 CAPA World Aviation Outlook Summit. I wish I had been there for the buzz, the award announcements and the wonderful city that is Berlin. Being in two places is hard to do! And the winners this year were: Airline of…

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