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Malév Over Budapest

In doing some research about failed Hungarian carrier Malév, I came across this amazing video.  On August 20, 2006 a Malév 737 followed by a Sky Europe plane flew at a low altitude over Budapest, Hungary. This ten minute video has some stunning view of this beautiful city. The two planes then flew side by side. I assume it was done for the sixtieth anniversay of the founding of the successor to Malév. Ironically, both airlines are gone now.

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Malév Malaise- Hungary’s flag carrier demise

After several horror years of airline failures globally, 2011 was a relatively quiet year with only a small number of airline names vanishing. 2012 has already been busy, however,  with the collapse of Spanair and Cirrus in January.  This week I was sad to see the collapse of Malév, the Hungarian flag carrier. The airline has been on the edge of collapse for years. Shutdown was triggered by a European Commission order to repay  €300 million in “illegal” government subsidies and forced when  Tel Aviv and Dublin airports grounded two of Malév’s jets. On closure day, 30 000 passengers were stranded. The airline had…

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