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Rainbow for September 11

Rainbow emerging from World Trade in lower Manhattan taken on 10th September 2015 by Queens resident Ben Sturner. Fourteen years later, I think of the day that changed so much of our world when almost 3000 people from over 60 countries were directly killed as a result of the hijacking of those four aircraft. I want to take a positive from the rainbow. I pray we can find a way to bring peace this year. My thoughts to you on this day.

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Trip Advisor is my friend!

I am a huge fan of Trip advisor.  I read Trip advisor reviews for pleasure either as a way of armchair travelling or to see what weird and wonderful things people add. I also glean vital information when making decisions about hotels. Trip Advisor reviews have given me great advice on the best services, hotels and restaurants from New York to Seattle to Myanmar,to Sydney. I was interested that at my last hotel in Rangoon, Myanmar, every staff member implored me to leave a positive review on Tripadvisor about the hotel. There seem to me there are five types of reviews on…

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Will Business Class only Odyssey survive?

In Homer’s ancient tale The Odyssey, there are a few themes. One of them is about hospitality and the other is about Perseverance. London City-based startup Odyssey Airlines is attempting a model that has failed many times, despite its predecessors offering the best in hospitality. Odyssey hopes to be a business only carrier that makes it through! Odyssey has raised five million dollars through Crowdcube, a crowdfunding platform and other funding sources. The airline plans to launch flights in 2016 from London City to an unspecified airport in New York. Once the carrier is up…

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Buffalo, New York, USA

Buffalo is New York State’s second-largest city, with just over a quarter million people in the city and just over a million in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Metropolitan Area.  The city is located in the western part of New York state on the eastern shores of Lake Erie. It is opposite, Ontario, Canada. Like many  US cities it has really struggled with the stagnation and a falling population as industry moved out in a major way. Buffalo’s population is 55 per cent less than it was in the 1930s.  Further, 27% of Buffalo’s residents are financially disadvantaged. Aesthetics: 6.5 out of 10 Buffalo could have…

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