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Get a decent seat

One of my key travel mantras is to score a seat asap. As you will see below, I am obsessive about getting the perfect seat. If I am flying on a long flight, a decent seat that will accommodate my length becomes crucial. If I am not up the front, then exit rows and bulkheads become way more important. I always choose my seat at the time of booking.  If the airline or booking website won’t let me, I keep re-visiting the website until I can.  Or I call, use the agent’s first name and politely ask for their help.  Note, however, some…

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All about OptionTown

Another way of unbundling has reached my attention. Using the services of Optiontown, I got an upgrade last week, with Air Asia at nominal cost. The way it worked was this: I completed my online  booking with Air Asia I then navigated to  Optiontown and retrieved my airline booking Chose the upgrade option I wanted Paid a small non refundable fee to apply for the upgrade. Fees can be paid by Credit Card or Paypal Paid a second fee equivalent to 50% of the usual upgrade price. This fee is refunded five days after the flight if upgrade does…

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