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Fixing the Tricky Visa issues

Sometimes our business or personal travel takes us to places which are technically at war with each other or have no diplomatic relations e.g. Iran and Israel (see below). This means if you visit one and have visa stamps in your passport, you may not be allowed to visit the other. Or face some very awkwardly questioning. Options: 1. Ask the agent to not stamp your passport Cuba and Israeli immigration agents will hand you a separate piece of paper with the visa stamp which sits in your passport. 2. Find your Dual Nationality Some…

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Most tatooed man refused passport

The most tattooed man in the UK has had his passport application refused. The passport office refused his reneal  on the grounds his new name was not appropriate. Mr Mathew Whelan legally changed his name to  ‘King of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite’ last March. He goes by Body Art for short. He has a driver’s licence in his new name. The British passport office stated that  a policy regarding ‘strings of words or phrases’ meant his name was not permissible. Mr Art complained: :”They want to put my birth name on my passport. But that is…

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