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Get to Know your currency

After being to 59 countries, I have now used 62 currencies (yes some countries have changed currencies). If I could have my way, the world would only have ten currencies (two per continent!). Easier to remember and less to carry! The reality is we have 180 currencies circulating amongst the 193 UN recognised nations from roubles, to lek to shekels, pesos and birr. On my next trip starting Thursday, I will be using: Malaysian Ringits Danish Krone British Pounds Euros Thai Baht Australian dollars They can all become confusing to people. Even with a currency…

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Hyperlooping Sci Fi or Real?

;Imagine sitting in a sealed pressurised car shaped capsule with 27 other passengers travelling at 1100+km/h (660mph) in a near vacuum through a tube in an electromagnetically suspensed vehicle. The tube would be built on pylons above or next to the current California Interstate 5 highway between Los Angeles and San Francisco reducing the 380-mile (610km) journey between the two cities to “about half an hour”. One major advantage of this system is that riders could go directly from city centre to city centre. The proposed Hyperloop is a “cross between a Concorde, a railgun…

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Debby’s First Flight: Norfolk to Columbus

  I had settled into my bulkhead row at the front of the USAir economy section when one of the flight attendants approached me and explained that they were re-seating a passenger who had never flown before. Soon a middle aged woman was escorted to the seat next to mine. She was terrified. Every noise made her jump. She gripped the armrest tightly – and we had not left the gate. I introduced myself: “Martin”.  She responded: “Debby”. I said: “with an ie” or a “y”? She smiled with relief and said “y”. Debby explained to me that her…

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