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2016’s Best flight: My 380th Qantas flight in A380 FIRST

MEL, Melbourne, Australia  to DXB, Dubai, UAE  QF9 Scheduled Departure: 23:25  Arrival: 06:35 14hrs 10 mins Total distance: 7252 miles / 11671 km / 6302 nautical miles For my 380th flight with Qantas, I wanted to do something special. It had to be on a Qantas Airbus 380. That narrowed routes to: Sydney or Melbourne to  Dubai and /or London Sydney or Melbourne to Los Angeles Sydney to Dallas-Fort Worth As I was going on to Bangkok and Cebu for New Year’s Eve, the US bound flights were the least logical. So I ended up doing a…

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Introducing the British Airways A380

Revealed this week an A380 for the tenth operator of the A380 British Airways. The plane is due to be delivered by July, 2013 followed by three more this year and then another eight after that to make a grand total of 12 for the carrier. The plane will be flying initially between – London and Los Angeles from 15th October (as BA268 and 269) – London and Hong Kong from 15th November as BA25 and BA26 The BA A380 will have 469 seats in a four class set up: 1. BA First Class –…

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Trip Report: Qantas 93: Melbourne to Los Angeles

Booking 8 out of 10 I actually started my flight in Auckland, New Zealand. The fare for Auckland-Melbourne-Los Angeles-Melbourne-Los Angeles was actually $A1000 less than the  fare for Melbourne-Los Angeles-Melbourne. Combining two New Zealand trips in was easy for me. The Qantas website easily worked out the multi city fare and came up with  a better fare than or Webjet or Kayak could find. Sometimes looking at the airline’s website can be a bonus. Trying the same search with Virgin Australia online was  not possible. Seat selection was easy. All the preferred seats were gone, These included the…

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