Introducing the British Airways A380

Revealed this week an A380 for the tenth operator of the A380 British Airways. The plane is due to be delivered by July, 2013 followed by three more this year and then another eight after that to make a grand total of 12 for the carrier.

The plane will be flying initially between
– London and Los Angeles from 15th October (as BA268 and 269)
– London and Hong Kong from 15th November as BA25 and BA26

The BA A380 will have 469 seats in a four class set up:
1. BA First Class – 14 “mini-suites” all on lower level. Pitch: 78″ Width: 21″
2. Club World Business – 44 seats on lower level arranged 2-4-2 and 53 seats upstairs arranged 2-3-2. Pitch: 73″ Width: 20″
3. World Traveller Plus premium economy – 55 seats upstairs arranged 2-3-2. Pitch: 38″ Width: 18.5″
4. World Traveller economy has 199 seats downstairs arranged 3-4-3 and 104 seats upstairs arranged in a much nicer 2-4-2 setup (thats where I will try and sit if I am in Economy). Pitch: 31″ Width: 17.5″

How this compares with other operators:

CarrierTotal SeatsFirstBusinessPremium EconmyEconomy
Ar France50798030380
British Airways4721410055303
China Southern 506870---428
Emirates ver 15171476---427
Emirates ver 24891476---399
Lufthansa 5268Oi---420

For a tour of the BA A380 check out:

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  1. @Mike S., not necessarily. LH has its first class on the upper floor, which is narrower than the lower floor. Both LH and BA have a 1-2-1 seat configuration in first class and based on the fact that BA has its first class on the lower deck, which is wider than the upper deck, I’d think BA’s F is roomier than LH’s.

  2. regardless of which one is indeed roomier, I wouldn’t mind flying in either carrier’s First class seat anytime! 😉

  3. Seat 25D on the Main Deck in BA’s A380 looks like a great Economy seat as there is no as seat 24D

  4. From looking at Seatguru I see SEAT 25D on the (BA) Main Deck looks to have extra legroom since there is no SEAT 24D

  5. TG also has F on upper deck in 1-2-1 config but didn’t feel crammed at all

    just wondering if BA would be generous with award seats on A380, or blocking them all out for the sake of “prestige”

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