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Unveiling the Hidden Truth: Behind the Online Booking Sites

Following my phishing experience described last week, I was keen to understand more about the behemoths I was dealing with. I am one of those travellers who love today’s digitally connected world with its plethora of online booking agencies at my fingertips. I like being able to book your next adventure with a few clicks. Up to now, my experiences have largely been positive. My phishing experience has changed that!What many do not realise is that our online hotel and airfare booking agencies are owned by just a handful of mega-companies. In this blog…

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Using User Reviews

User-review sites are a staple of my travel diet. I love Tripadvisor, for hotels! Here is the link to my profile.   Yelp is my go to for city services and restaurants. Airbnb, of course, builds in reviews into its system. Skytrax provides reviews from air travellers about their flight experiences.   I have several rules of thumb with reviews: The more reviews the better. For example, an apartment on Airbnb with 3 reviews is usually skipped by me for one with 20+ I take away the number of worst reviews from the number of best reviews.…

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