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Spectacular, Stunning Stonehenge

Verdict: My Overall Rating: 84% Global Ranking: Listed seventh amongst Historical Landmarks to See Before You Die (I have seen 32 of the top 50) Why it should be visited: History, Spiritual place Negatives: Traffic, Crowds Would I return?: Yes, in a heartbeat. Bear in mind that there are many other stone circles through which have fewer crowds Location and Orientation Stonehenge is probably one of the most famous stone monuments in the world. It sits on a chalky plain north of the Salisbury, England about 88 miles south-west of London.   Archaeologists and historians believe that the site…

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Stonehenge complete in Australia

I visited Stonehenge whilst in the Uk a couple of years ago. Rising up out of the plains, the historical site is awe inspiring. Its one of my favourite places in the world. Access to the site is limited to a very small number of people with most people only being able  to gaze across a fence, I organised to get on a tour that actually goes in and I got to spend sunset at the site, close to the stones. Last week,  I visited Stonehenge again. This time it was complete. The circle of stones is unblemished. Whats the story? In a move that is either crazy or astounding, Stonehenge has been re-created in Western Australia as it might have been. 137 granite stones…

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My Top Twenty List for England

Today, I am going to try and nominate my Twenty Favourite Spots in England. What do you think? Lakes District National Park- Steamer trips on the lakes, steam train, William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge Beatrix Potter and days of hiking in all weathers! The Yorkshire Dales -wild and stunning Stonehenge- if you get a chance get onto one of the few tours that actually lets you walk around the stones – it is mesmerising Little Venice and the Canal Path to Camden Markets, London– stroll through the countryside in the middle of London. Have walked this many times…

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