Stonehenge complete in Australia

I visited Stonehenge whilst in the Uk a couple of years ago. Rising up out of the plains, the historical site is awe inspiring. Its one of my favourite places in the world. Access to the site is limited to a very small number of people with most people only being able  to gaze across a fence, I organised to get on a tour that actually goes in and I got to spend sunset at the site, close to the stones.

a man sitting on a rock in front of a group of stone structures with Stonehenge in the background
Last week,  I visited Stonehenge again. This time it was complete. The circle of stones is unblemished. Whats the story?

In a move that is either crazy or astounding, Stonehenge has been re-created in Western Australia as it might have been. 137 granite stones quarried by the Australasian Granite company were assembled over 14 months.

10 Trilithon stones in a horseshoe pattern weigh between 38 -55 tonnes each. Standing with the 18 tonne lintel to a height of 7.7 metres. Inside the Trilithon horseshoe stands another horseshoe of 19 blue stones. The Trilithon stones are surrounded by a circle of 30 Sarsen Stones weighing 28 tonnes each and standing almost 5 metres high including the 7 tonne lintels on top. Standing between the Sarsen and the Trilithon stones is a full circle of 40 smaller stones.

stone structure with columnsa man standing in front of a stone structure
a man standing in front of a stone structure




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