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My First 787: Latam Business Sydney-Auckland

Finding a way of booking a Business Class ticket for not much more than a regular coach ticket is one of the Holy Grails of Travel! LATAMs flight between Sydney and Auckland offers a very affordable Business Class fare. It often costs not a lot more than Qantas charges for an Economy fare on the same route and is half of the fare Emirates, Air New Zealand and Qantas charge for the sector. There are some downsides of the LATAM option, which will become clear but it is a nice way to cross the Tasman.…

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My 300th time thru Sydney

This week I celebrate another geeky milestone! I have now flown into or out of SYD Sydney’s (Kingsford Smith) Airport 300 times! Of the 212 airports I have travelled through in my life, this Australian airport is my second most visited: 1 MEL Melbourne 328 15.7 %  4.2 2 SYD Sydney 300 14.3 %  2.9 3 LAX Los Angeles 99 4.7 %  1.7 4 ADL Adelaide 78 3.7 %  4.4 5 AKL Auckland 78 3.7 %  3.2 Since my first flight into Sydney on 3rd July 1971 on a Pan Am 747,  I have now travelled to…

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