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Agoda Nightmare: Falling Victim to the Phishing Scam

I am very vigilant about avoiding scams and identity theft. I take extra care with my passwords, avoid clicking random Facebook links, and exercise caution in all aspects of my online life. Despite all my efforts, I recently fell victim to the scam. One that has been recurring for about five years. To defend myself, it’s important to note that this wasn’t entirely my fault. In this scam, it appears that’s data has been compromised, as cybersecurity experts at Perception Point reported. This compromise seems to be ongoing. Through whatever vulnerabilities exist, scammers…

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Protect your Bags!

Something to strike fear into the hearts of passengers who check bags in. Italian authorities 18 months ago, installed hidden cameras at several airports across Italy. Police then viewed over 2,000 hours of footage taken by these cameras. The footage showed Alitalia baggage handlers deliberately picking luggage locks, cutting open suitcases and stealing money, electronics, jewellery and other items.  One employee was taped while attempting to break into a suitcase by stabbing it multiple times. Take a look: The Italian National Police arrested 86 Alitalia employees as a result of the footage. The thefts occurred on board Alitalia planes and in areas…

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