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Transaero Terminated

Out of the 90 carriers I have flown, none have been Russian.  I had wanted to try private Russian airline Transaero’s legendary Imperial First Class with its gold embroidered seats, cotton sheet sets and special China! Its First Class came 16th in the world’s First Class cabins. Alas not to be for the airline closed their doors on 26 October 2015, days from their 24th Birthday on 5 November. Transaero had aimed to keep flying through to 15 December but its operating certificates were revoked after Russian banks withdrew support. The safety authorities then determined that Transaero’s massive debt posed a hazard…

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Passengers Push Plane

I have heard of self service airlines before but this week’s story out of Siberia gave me the chills! Seventy passengers hopped off their UTair Tupolev 134 in order to push it, after its brakes  froze in minus 52C temperatures at Igarka airport, above the Arctic Circle in Russia. The airport tractor was not able to budge the plane. This video shows the pushers, most of whom were oil and gas workers wanting to get home: Eventually the plane made a successful flight to the regional capital of Krasnoyarsk. Clearly their de-icing machine was working!  Apparently, the Problems developed because “the…

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