I viist my 46th US State


The USA has 50 States, one District and five Territories.  With my recent West Virginia visit, I have now been to 46 of those US States…four to go:

  1. Iowa
  2. Nebraska
  3. North Dakota
  4. Alaska
I have also been to three of the US territories (Guam/Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands)…two to go:
  1.  American Samoa
  2. Northern Mariana Islands

  1. Does anyone know how many states the average American has been to? 
  2. The average number a non-American tourist has been to? 
  3. How many Americans know how many territories they have?
  4. Which states have you visited and which have you missed?
  5. What is your favourite sights/sites  in what state(s)?

Love you to share below in the comments.

This is
 the order I visited those US States in:

1 Hawaii
2 California
3 New Jersey
4 New York
5 Delaware
6 Maryland
7 Virginia
8 Michigan
9 Indiana
10 Illinois
11 Texas
12 Mass
13 Pennsylvania
14 Colorado
16 Rhode Island
17 Washington
15 Ct
18 New Hampshire
19 Vermont
21 Nevada
20 Arizona
22 Utah
23 Ohio
24 Missouri
25 Kansas
26 Oregon
27 Florida
28 Tennessee
28 Louisiana
30 Arkansas
31 Mississippi
32 Georgia
33 Nth Carolina
34 Minnesota
35 Wisconsin
36 Sth Carolina
37 Idaho
38 South Dakota
39 Wyoming
40 Montana
41 Maine
42 Oklahoma
43 New Mexico
44 Kentucky
45 Alabama
46 West Virginia


  1. OK, you've thrown down the gauntlet. Although I haven't done *nearly* as many states as you have, here goes (in order):1. Hawaii (changed planes only)2. California3. New Jersey4. Pennsylvania5. Delaware (passed through by train only)6. Maryland (passed through by train only)7. Virginia8. New York9. Connecticut(passed through by train only)10. Rhode Island (passed through by train only)11. Massachusetts12. Texas (changed planes only)13. North Carolina14. Missouri (changed planes only)So half my US states are places where I've been in transit for planes or trains. I've also been to DC.

  2. Now for the favourite sites (in order):1. San FranciscoWhat isn't there to love about this city? Seafood served on the streets; cable cars; the Golden Gate; giant tubs of seafood soup (cioppino); a wonderful vibe; clam broth (nectar of the gods!); people who think my accent is *sexy*; trolley cars; art; architecture (earthquake proof); North Beach markets with fresh seafood; Napa Valley vineyards with accompanying fresh seafood; Fisherman's Wharf with fresh seafood; cheap casual clothes; clam chowder… did I mention they have seafood there?2. BostonWell laid out tourist trail means that you can walk around and see *all* of the city's tourist sites easily (and better than the underground, which easily wins the title of Most Confusing Metro Ever). And the seafood is to die for.3. Washington, DCThe Smithsonian. Need I say more? I was a very happy geek for a week here! And, with a bit of effort, you can get seafood.4. New York, New York.The city so nice they named it twice! It has a buzz here that the other cities don't — in fact, no other city on earth has.It's just a pity seafood is expensive here. If you find a cheap seafood outlet in NY, please let me know.5. Morrisville, North Carolina.Just kidding!!! The seafood here is cr@p!

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