United CEO agrees with me about United’s product

I blogged about my last experience with United on the Aust-USA sector a few months ago because it was so bad.  Nice to see that  President and CEO of United Airlines, Jeff Smisek agrees with me in a recent article in Australian Business Traveller.

“…the product on the 747 that United flies to Australia is not an acceptable level of product” 
“And I know that, I recognise that. But United on its own didn’t have the money to invest in that product. Now (with the United-Continental merger) it does, and we will.”  “You have to invest, because the price of not investing is that you lose business”

Great news. I look forward to hearing more.
In the meantime if you are flying between Australia and USA or vice versa, choose any of the following:

  1.  Air New Zealand first (they are also Star Alliance)
  2. Qantas is not as nice as Air NZ but a million times better than United.  Fares are usually competitive. Feel free to spend more however! You will be glad you did for Air NZ or Qantas
  3. V Australia also do the route – while I have not flown them, they are reputed to be excellent and again would have to be far far better than United.  I am going to sample V Australia next month.
  4. If you want to go via Tahiti, Air Tahiti Nui according to my sister are great
  5. Air Pacific takes you via Fiji. Acceptable if not aging product, Fiji politics aside
Delta also do the route but my no fly policy still applies to Delta!



  1. After dissapointing QF WP benefit changes, spate of engine issues and Air NZ matching me to GE I'm flying Air NZ to the US this year. If their trans-tasman is anything to go by this product will be better than the QF's non 380 offering. And I don't really want to fly the QF 380 from LAX right now… Now if Air NZ could get a Flounge in AKD…

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