China Southern A380 Almost flying

Prior to fit out

China Southern Airlines has completed initial test flights for its first Airbus A380 aircraft. The airline is buying five.The plane entered the skies for its final test flight during the week at the Airbus facilities in Hamburg.

The plane has been painted and had its cabin fully fitted out.

More advanced tests will be held in Hamburg before the plane flies on to Toulouse in France for final preparation for delivery to the airline. October?

China Southern Airlines will become the seventh operator of the A380 later this year.
#1 Singapore  – I flew their A380 from Singapore to Melbourne in November, 2009
#2 Emirates – My flight was in September 2010 from Auckland to Sydney
#3 Qantas- My QF A380 experience was July 2010
#4 Air France – I fly them in October, 2011
#5 Lufthansa I aim to fly theirs in November 2011
#6 Korean I fly theirs in November 2011

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