New Names for Qantas Asia

Picture from The Age is a digitally altered plane. 

The fairfax Press (Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers) are suggesting RedQ or RedQ Executive Express is emerging as the most likely name for Qantas Asia ahead of  RedSky and OneAsia.

The new 49% venture will be 49% owned by Qantas and is one part of Qantas restructuring. Alan  Joyce CEO of Qantas said that the move would create a “newer and stronger Qantas,” by tapping into the major growth that is occurring in Asia.

I hate the sound of RedQ. It doesn’t sound enticing. It definitely does not sound like a Premium carrier. It sounds cheap and nasty. Perhaps Qantas discount subsidiary Jetstar could be renamed RedQ and the new airline named Jetstar. For Jetstar sounds classier than RedQ even with Executive Express tagged on the end. Will tourists fly an airline named Executive Express?

I can’t think of a better name? Perhaps Offshore Airline? or Outsourced Kangaroo? to reflect the shift of Qantas services to the new cheaper version?

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