Finnair dances for India Republic Day

Thursday January 26 are national days for Australia (Australia Day) and India (Republic Day). Finnair decided to celebrate India’s Republic Day with a dance group performing on board Flight 21 its Helsinki-Delhi service last Thursday January 26.

The flight departed and arrived two hours late. One is not sure if the dancing was to appease passengers or caused the delay?


Lateness aside, I love quirky fun stuff like this.   Stuff that Air New Zealand and Southwest Airlines seem to specilise in. Virgin Blue in Australia also used to play the fun card but seem to have got more serious. I have been trying to think of options for other airlines to take up dancing on board:

  • El Al – Hava Nagila
  • Air New Zealand: The Haka
  • Argentina Airlines – Salsa
  • Austrian Airlines – Waltz
  • Lufthansa- ?
Anyone else?
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  1. Like that video much. But it is not worth to delay the flight for the dance. 125 minutes delay certainly not acceptable.

  2. i don’t know if they delayed the flight for the dance or for some other reason

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