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Herb Kelleher passes away

The world today will be full of blog posts, interviews and articles about Mr Kelleher, co-founder, CEO, and Chairman Emeritus of Southwest Airlines. I wanted to pay my own quick tribute. Born March 12, 1931 Mr Kelleher died on January 3, 2019. He was a lawyer and reportedly created the Southwest concept on a serviette with one of his law clients. Southwest became known as an airline that was fun, friendly, low fares and operated direct low fare flights in opposition to its competitors of the  “hub-and-spoke” scheduling systems. This successful airline stemmed from Mr…

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I love these Southwest ads with Lipsyncing Employees

I am a sucker for airline commercials. I like the new Southwest ones which feature their staff lip syncing. I do wish they were really singing! The one above shows the employees (Customer Service Agent Michelle and Ramp Agent Matt) seeing the ad they performed in for the first time! In this one, the podium dancers are Alphonso, Las Vegas-based Flight Attendant, and Melissa, Orlando-based Flight Attendant. Dallas-based, Southwest Airlines has been flying for 45 years. It now has 715 Boeing 737s flying to 98 destinations across the USA, Mexico and the Carribean. I have…

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Finnair dances for India Republic Day

Thursday January 26 are national days for Australia (Australia Day) and India (Republic Day). Finnair decided to celebrate India’s Republic Day with a dance group performing on board Flight 21 its Helsinki-Delhi service last Thursday January 26. The flight departed and arrived two hours late. One is not sure if the dancing was to appease passengers or caused the delay? L Lateness aside, I love quirky fun stuff like this.   Stuff that Air New Zealand and Southwest Airlines seem to specilise in. Virgin Blue in Australia also used to play the fun card but seem to…

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My 737th flight ever on a Southwest B737

Woke up Saturday morning feeling some excitement. My flight from Portland, Oregon to Spokane, Washington was essentially a fairly routine one. While I have never flown that sector before, I have been to both airports and both cities a few times now. Yet Southwest Airlines flight 3218 was no ordinary flight for me. It was the 737th flight in my life. Yup, I have left the ground 737 times -and returned 737 times. I have fastened my seatbelt 737 times.  Thanks to Southwest airlines being an airline who (currently) only fly Boeing 737s, my 737th flight…

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