280 times at MEL

I fly for the 280th time through Melbourne (Australia) airport! This is the airport I have used the most through my life. 280 check ins! Altogether, that is a lot of time in the security lines, shops and lounges!  As of today, my ten most visited airports are:

  1. Australia  Melbourne, Australia (MEL): 279 times.  4.3 out of 5
  2. Australia  Sydney, Australia (SYD):  248 times.   3.0
  3. USA  Los Angeles, USA (LAX): 89 times.  1.8
  4.  New Zealand Auckland, New Zealand (AKL): 69 times.  3.2
  5. Australia Adelaide, Australia (ADL) 69 times.  4.1
  6. USA San Francisco, USA (SF):  46 times.  4.0
  7. New Zealand London Heathrow, UK (LHR): 41 times. 2.6
  8. United Kingdom Wellington, NZ (WLG): 36 times.  4.1
  9. Australia Brisbane, Australia (BNE), 33 times. : 4.0
  10. USA Chicago O-Hare, USA (ORD): 29 times.  4.0

I was interested how many of these airports are amongst my least favourites. Often its not the airport but the destination that is important. I detest LAX but most Australian and NZ flights to the USA hub through this airport so I have ended up there more times than I would have liked.


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