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Busiest International Air Routes in the world

Being the air nerd that I am, I have been absorbed with the 2019 OAG listing of the busiest international air routes in the world. I cannot help myself, I am afraid. On the top 20 routes, airlines offer a combined 332,000 flights annually. This is about one percent of all the flights in the world! Fifteen of the top 20 air routes in the world are in Asia with four connecting Singapore and five connecting Hong Kong (including the route between them!). This shows the major shift in air traffic over the last 20…

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My 2016 Travel Tips (In order of popularity)

My goal is to enjoy both travel and destination. I am constantly looking for ways to save money, speed up airport experiences, have better travel experiences and effectively explore my world or find ways of relaxing. One of the reasons I blog, is to share these tips that I learn along the way.   In order of popularity, these were my travel tips that I shared each Monday last year: Getting Exercise- A walking guide to world airports Avoiding weight scale shock We travellers must reduce trash this was a post that I thought would be…

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Five things you must do while waiting for plane

There is a debate in my family over how early to get to the airport. Some family members like to be there four hours before a flight. Not me! I try to balance between spending the least amount of time waiting with having adequate time if something goes wrong. Even with my routines aimed at minimising every second I spend at airports, I still spend way too long waiting for planes! I reckon I have spent close to fifty days of my life waiting for planes at 212 airports around the globe! I have not counted…

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USA has most flight departures-still

Last year, there were almost ten million take offs of US registered airlines across the country (9,745,498 to be exact). This is just over a quarter of all of the takeoffs across the world. It is a staggering thought to think this averages to a takeoff every four seconds across the USA! The country has four of the top ten busiest airports in the world: Atlanta, LAX, and Chicago O’hare and Dallas-Fort Worth. This is a reduction of about half a million takeoffs from 2013, the fourth year the number of takeoffs has declined in the USA. There…

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280 times at MEL

I fly for the 280th time through Melbourne (Australia) airport! This is the airport I have used the most through my life. 280 check ins! Altogether, that is a lot of time in the security lines, shops and lounges!  As of today, my ten most visited airports are:   Melbourne, Australia (MEL): 279 times.  4.3 out of 5   Sydney, Australia (SYD):  248 times.   3.0   Los Angeles, USA (LAX): 89 times.  1.8   Auckland, New Zealand (AKL): 69 times.  3.2  Adelaide, Australia (ADL) 69 times.  4.1  San Francisco, USA (SF):  46 times.  4.0  London Heathrow, UK (LHR): 41 times. 2.6  Wellington,…

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Invention for Slow walkers

One of my frustrations in Airports are people who meander. Some people wander slowly through airports because they are lost or confused or stressed and some because they are day dreaming. These individuals (and groups) walk slowly on travelators, stop for discussions at the top of escalators, hold the button on the lifts (elevators) and bunch at the doors of airports. Drives me crazy!! I am always trying to minimise my time in an airport, so I want to plow through. I am also familiar with airports and how to quickly get to gates. I have to remember, not everyone is as adept…

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