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My 380th Qantas flight will be on a 380 – of course!

I am very nerdish about numbers and number patterns. I like that this week will see the 11th day of the 11th month! I have recorded every flight I have ever been on since my first plane trip almost five decades ago. A couple of years ago, I matched the aircraft with my flights. So my 737th flight was on a Southwest 737. Then my 747th was on a Qantas 747  (pics left and below), 757 on a United 757 and so on.  Sadly the timing of the 787 roll out did not allow me to…

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280 times at MEL

I fly for the 280th time through Melbourne (Australia) airport! This is the airport I have used the most through my life. 280 check ins! Altogether, that is a lot of time in the security lines, shops and lounges!  As of today, my ten most visited airports are:   Melbourne, Australia (MEL): 279 times.  4.3 out of 5   Sydney, Australia (SYD):  248 times.   3.0   Los Angeles, USA (LAX): 89 times.  1.8   Auckland, New Zealand (AKL): 69 times.  3.2  Adelaide, Australia (ADL) 69 times.  4.1  San Francisco, USA (SF):  46 times.  4.0  London Heathrow, UK (LHR): 41 times. 2.6  Wellington,…

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How I got hooked on Flightmemory.com

My friend Tony became very ill and was confined to home. Frustrated out of his mind, because he was unable to work, Tony rested and surfed the internet to satisfy his passion for all things “Boeing”. In fact his slogan was “if its not Boeing I ain’t going“. It was Tony who got me to Seattle when Boeing first unveiled the 787. It was Tony who got me onto Flight memory.com Four years ago, Tony rang me up: “got your frequent flyer statements?” “yes”. I said. “Good. Bring them round to my place” “> “Why”. “>”Don’t…

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