Stop Wishing and Do it- Life’s Bucket List

a man smiling next to another manWherever I go I meet people who say “Australia. I wish I could go there” or “I want to go there” or “It is my dream“.

Yet they never come. I have friends all over the world and they have never been to see me in Australia! 🙁

One of my goals is to visit 99 countries in my life.

I am now up to 55 countries with the addition of Argentina and Turkey in 2012. If I add two more countries per year, then it will take me 22 more years. So in 2034, at the age of 70, I will visit my 99th country! Seems achievable, doesn’t it? And I am travelling from the bottom of the world!

What is on your bucket list and how can you take one step toward achieving it in 2013? 


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  1. I have often heard people say the same about Hawaii (and bever understood) I’m not a heavy traveler, but I have been there twice, and hopefully again in the next year or so.

    I haven’t done Australia but I will.

  2. I’m planning a trip to Hawaii this year. I just need to find cheap airfare. That will finish my 50 states and all Canadian Provinces and territories.

  3. Most people just dismiss it as unrealistic and never try. That’s why the rest of us who use miles, points and every other trick in the book get to go without spending a fortune!

  4. I also want to do 99 countries. Well, 100 for me. Seems more round. I’m only at 28 though. God I wish I lived in Europe, where I could daytrip to Malta instead of to Hartford, CT

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