My Bucket List

I am moving to a new job in 2013 which will require me to travel less! Nonetheless, my bucket list for my life is:

  1. Visit 99 countries (currently 57)
  2. Visit (not transit through) all 50 US states (currently 46)
  3. Alaskan Cruise
  4. Walk across Hadrian’s Wall in England
  5. Yellowstone National Park
  6. Five major New Zealand hikes (currently 2: Milford and Queen Charlotte)
  7. Camino de Santiago Walk
  8. Hadrian’s Wall walk, UK
  9. Iguazu Falls ( have been to Victoria and Niagara Falls)
  10. Berlin Marathon (if I am going to run that far, I am going to do it an amazing city)
  11. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Fuji, Mount Kosciuszko
  12. A 380 flight with every airline that operates the type (currently 7)
  13. A 787 flight with every airline that operates the type
  14. Live in a European city

What is on your bucket list?


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  1. My bucket list includes the following.

    Traveling via car to all the lower 48, all Canadian provinces and Alaska. I’ve accomplished that part of the bucket list including Canada’s Territories. I will finish up Hawaii hopefully this year.

    Then visiting the South Pacific Islands and Australia and New Zealand are on my list. I also want to go to Antartica. The other thing that I want to do before I depart this earth is take the Alaskan Marine Highway round trip from Bellingham Washington to Skagway in the middle of winter.

  2. How about Angel Falls too?

    I don’t have a list as such, but I wonder if someone out there hopes to fly to every single current TK destination…with TK…

  3. Round the World ticket on Star Alliance or OneWorld. When I get bored and want to kill time I plan them. But in terms of disposable income, I’m just not there yet. Or even close, frankly.

  4. Good New Year to you and always Happy Landings.

    Can’t make long term plans due to family reasons.

    So the most realistic ones right now are a trip to Czech Republic, Poland and maybe Lithuania.
    Maybe a hiking trip to Scotland or Wales in summer and a longer one to Asia towards the end of the year.

    Business will lead me to Norway and Sweden at least twice this year. Hopefully SAS will survive somehow, as they can’t be avoided even if I try to.

  5. Thanks for your message Andreas. All the best for the year. If in Poland, make sure you go to Krakow.

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