My Favourite Places 2012

These are some of the key places I visited in 2012 (with my overall rating of that place). Reviews of a place, where available are hyperlinked.

Paris (98%)

Wild About Berlin (97%)

San Francisco (93%)

Wellington (91%)

Adelaide (91%)

Cornwall Captivates Me ( 90%)

Beautiful Budapest (87%)

Chicago  (87%)

Seoul at last (86%)

New York(86%)

Perth (86%)

Incredible Istanbul (85%)

Buenos Aires, Argentina (84%)

Marathoning in Hobart (84%)

Sydney (83%)

Washington DC (83%)

Hip Hamburg (80%)

Philadelphia (78%)

Auckland (76%)

Fish Soup in Baja, Hungary

London Pre Olympics

Charlotte, NC (70%)

Los Angeles (69%)

Visiting Virginia’s Norfolk (68%)


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