The Whackiest Stuff in the Travel Year

Every Wednesday, I post about something weird and whacky I observe or experience in the travel world.

The posts get some mixed reactions:

eg “Fantastic! Love reading your blog” and “I don’t understand the point of this post”  and  “I wish I could have that 30 seconds of my life back.”

You can find all of my Wednesday posts via this link. Here are the year’s posts one by one in order of popularity amongst my readers:

Hungarian Citizenship for Sale

Invention for Slow walkers 

Air Zim flies with No Passengers

A dozen please– a spelling mistake gets me pondering

You are carrying what? – one man’s bizarre hobby or a potential hijack?

Would you wear this?– the latest tool in overcoming jetlag looks like a giant tea cozy

Wacky Irritation: Press One now

Early Unbuckling– when people leave their seats with the seatbelt sign on

Do I look Pregnant in this?

Exit Row “safety”?

Hotel Lock Out – what was meant to be a pleasant stay turned pear shaped when I locked my keys in the hotel room

Wednesday Weirdness: The battle for power

Wednesday Weirdness: Grumpy people

Security Thieving– sometimes people do steal from the Xray machines

Finnair celebrates India Republic Day

Dad, look what was in my Teddy Bear– one boy was carrying some interesting stuff through the airport

Malaysian Kids Free Zones -Wacky or Wise

Honey, guess what we lost today? When an airline loses your kids..

Stop the Plane, I wanna get off Unusual exit strategies from planes

What NOT to say at the airport some people should not fly!

The D36 Connection– interesting coincidence- what are the odds?

How many Shoes do you travel with? Holiday travels

Argentinean Altercations

American’s Tricky Problem: Tickets for Life – what looked like a great scheme for everybody is now a nightmare for the airline

Dude, Stop standing in my Plane

Lavatory Traps -what happens will people get stuck in the smallest room on the plane? 

Stripping with Air Berlin– people do interesting things in airport lounges

Air Koryo Goes Online

Wacky airline message for smokers


Wacky Wednesday? Air Pacific Nationalises

Virgin gives luggage free ride

Mum, Look what I did today Child runs away from home …via a commercial flight

Superman Freezes – my greatest nightmare..stuck on a roller coaster

Croc on the Plane – a baggage handler wrestled with more than he expected

No Birds– a sign in Toronto I would like to keep

Wednesday Wackiness: Tasmania- MIA The island gets left off the Australian map-again


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