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Funny, weird and inappropriate Airport Codes – the definitive list

Following on from post on Monday about how to find airport codes, here are all of the codes I can find that are funny, weird or just downright inappropriate in English. The airports with an * are ones I have been to: ACK: Nantucket Memorial United States ALE: Alpine United States ATM: Altamira Brazil AWK: Wake Island US Minor Outlying Islands BAD: Louisiana’s Barksdale Air Force Base BAG: Loakan, Philippines BAH: Bahrain International, Bahrain* BED Bedford, Mass, USA BOM: Bombay, (Mumbai), India* BOO: Bodø, Norway BRO: South Padre Is. Intl United States BRR: North Bay, United Kingdom BUD: Liszt Ferenc…

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All by myself – passenger stranded in Las Vegas

What would you do when stuck overnight in an airport? Overnight at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, Richard Dunn made a video lip syncing to Celine Dion’s All by myself using his ipad, watched by his bemused wife, cleaning staff and security personnel… (so technically, he wasn’t all by himself!) Celine Dion has responded to the video saying she loved it and inviting Richard to see his show next time he is in town.      

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Airport Life Travel app

Last year, I travelled to 59 airports in 15 countries! One day, stuck in Charlotte, North Carolina I called a friend for advice on where to get some good food. There have been many airports where I have wandered aimlessly from terminal to terminal looking for decent food. What I should have been doing is developing an app to help the millions of passengers annually who do the same thing. Dan Stratman, an airline Captain with 23 years of experience has done just that declaring:  “I’m all too aware of how frustrating air travel has become. I wanted…

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