Onion Satire: FAA declares Spirit worst airline

Last year in my controversial post on my ten worst airlines, I nominated Spirit as the third worst airline in the world (and worst in the USA). Now a satirical post highlights how bad they are!

In an Onion report, the FAA is quoted as saying that passengers should boycott the carrier: “Nobody with any shred of dignity should ever fly Spirit Airlines, the report states”

The article while intended to be humorous has major elements of truth: The airline touts its low fares, but it costs $45 to check your bag at the airport, and if you don’t check the bag when you get your ticket, it costs a mandatory $100 at the gate.

Worth a read but be warned if sensitive, the language is very colourful!

Are you a “victim” of Spirit? Or are you a fan?

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  1. I know what I’m getting into if I book Spirit. Not a big deal on short flights, but I really prefer not to use them long-haul

  2. Ive been a victim and don’t plan to be one again!

    However, I have respect for them for pushing their model to the extreme, being consistent, and being very clear (on their website, not OTAs)about their fees and policies. They provide a valuable means of travel to thousands of people who cant afford the extra $ for a better airline. But for those of us who can, never fly spirit!

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