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Onion Satire: FAA declares Spirit worst airline

Last year in my controversial post on my ten worst airlines, I nominated Spirit as the third worst airline in the world (and worst in the USA). Now a satirical post highlights how bad they are! In an Onion report, the FAA is quoted as saying that passengers should boycott the carrier: “Nobody with any shred of dignity should ever fly Spirit Airlines, the report states” The article while intended to be humorous has major elements of truth: The airline touts its low fares, but it costs $45 to check your bag at the airport,…

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Trying Spirit-First Time

A lot of miles to cover this week. Seven flights to three countries with four airlines. Qantas: Melbourne to Auckland, NZ via Sydney  Virgin Australia: Melbourne to  Los Angeles in Premium Economy product. Any Virgin Australia 777 flyers have any recommendation as to the better Premium Economy seats? Spirit: I chose Spirit deliberately so I could see what they are like as I have never flown them. Wish me luck for that flight! Spirit are supposed to be a little like Ryanair (who I hate flying with). I am fascinated to see. Related Posts Why is…

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Six Low Cost Carrier’s Real Fare costs

I have significant frustration with all of the “extras”, most discount airlines charge and get away with. I understand that airlines want to charge us for our choices (eg carrying a bags on board or choosing to sit at an emergency exit seat).  I don’t agree, however for paying for an everyday seat on the plane. I think it wrong to demand I pay by Credit Card and then charge me a fee to do so. To show taxes as extra also annoys me. I can’t personally make those suckers optional. They should be included in the base…

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